A Rude Awakening

Walking down a path never been here before.
How I got here I don’t know.
Forest breeze blows all throughout the trees.
Woods like a fortress built by almighty nature.
Lilies surround me; sweet aromas fill air.
Stream runs on my right, it’s sound puts me at ease.
Birds chirp everywhere, singing songs of love.
Happiness floats all around, embracing me with its warmth.
Butterflies swirl around me as I walk on.
Sun shines its heat, light reflects off the leaves.
Beauty fills my eyes on the unknown path.
Where does it lead, I’ll soon find out.
Around a bend I see a bridge;
On it was a sight no less beautiful that I’ve ever seen.
A girl at the railing, gazing into the water, watching as it flows.
Long brunette hair trickles down her face;
White dress to her ankles, her eyes, shooting stars.
Her skin, smooth like the running creek;
Smile that makes a day, mystic power draws me near.
A feeling arises, tells me “She’s the one.”
She turns around, rests her hand on my shoulder.
With a soft kiss, she takes my hand and leads me further.
In the far off distance, like a hopeless wolf’s cry
Came my mom’s voice, “You’re late for school!”