Conspiracy of Deception: Chapter 11 – The Heavy Dragon

It was near 9:30pm, and David and Allisa were trying to unwind. It had been a stressful couple of days, and their concern for Lisal grew. Questions lingered in Allisa’s mind: What would someone want with Lisal? Why come after someone so pure and innocent? Or perhaps, were there skeletons in her closet that no one knew about? She knew about her cheating on Nick four years ago, but it was a one-time event. Why now four years later?
“I don’t get it; did she once work for the CIA?” David exclaimed, more as a joke. David had a tendency to have bad timing with jokes. While his intentions were good, it usually hindered the situation rather than helped.
Allisa didn’t laugh; she just shook her head in frustration. Not at David, just at the situation. Allisa and David ordered out due to the fact that Allisa wasn’t up for cooking.  Chinese food was quick and inexpensive. They both sat in their usual recliners, as they usually did in order to relax.
It had been a long hard day. It seemed as though David was acting more nervous than usual, as if he was hiding something he shouldn’t. Allisa hoped it was just a phase; there were times in the past when he acted like this, but eventually he got over it. It always seemed rather bizarre and out-of-place.
There was a sudden noise in the kitchen as if something fell. Fear gripped Allisa, as David crinkled his forehead. They looked at each other as if to ask, what could that be? Without saying it out loud. Their cat had passed away the month before, so it wasn’t her knocking something down.
The light in the kitchen seemed to quickly flash, as if something moved in front of it for a split second. Instantly they both knew that they had company, and they needed to protect themselves. Like lightning bolts, they both hopped up on their feet and quickly scanned the room to find something for protection.
David grabbed a decoration off the table. It was a small silver dragon made of heavy metal. It was heavy and jagged, which would be quite effective for self-defense. Allisa bought it for him at some convenient store on one of their vacations. She knew he loved dragons. Often when they exchanged gifts, she would buy him something that had to do with dragons, while he would get her a frog decoration of some sort.
Allisa could feel her arms shake nervously, as she got behind David for protection. They heard a creaking in the hallway indicating someone was coming. Not knowing who it was David couldn’t just throw the dragon at him, for it may be someone with no evil intention. Along with Allisa he backed into a shadowy corner as the figure entered the room. He was dressed completely in black, including a black ski mask. David could see a glimmer of light reflect off the far side. A second glance showed that the intruder was holding a knife.
The man was huge, taking up most of the doorway as he entered. Muscles bulged out of his tight black outfit causing David to realize that he would be no match for this man. He had attended some Karate classes for a few years and knew some self-defense, but he didn’t expect this guy to be without any fighting skill.
David stood frozen. Making the first move was never his specialty. However, his duty to protect his wife broke the ice capsule surrounding his body, and he raised his arm to throw the dragon.
His initial hesitation was enough time for the intruder to turn and face them. David launched the dragon with all his might. The intruder raised his arm to block it but only quick enough for it to miss his nose. The dragon glanced off the bottom of his left arm and with still good impact, blasted the right side of his jaw.
The intruder was knocked back, and David closed in and gave him a right hook, punching his other cheek. The intruder recklessly swung his knife, slashing David in the upper left arm. David barely felt the stinging burning sensation shoot through his arm, being that high stress situations tend to buffer physical pain. It appeared that the knife did not slice into his muscle tissue.
By this time, Allisa grabbed some mace from her purse, and as David moved out of the way, she aimed it at the intruder’s eyes. She let lose and sprayed the mace for a good two seconds, long enough to easily be effective.
The intruder rubbed his arm across his eyes not seeming phased. It didn’t even appear to sting his eyes. Then Allisa realized why, he was wearing some sort of goggle-like eye protector under his ski mask.
David may have hurt him, but he ignored the pain, and David looked around desperately for something to use against his enemy. He needed to do something quick! A poker near the fireplace caught his attention. However, between him and the fireplace stood the intruder; if he had only thought of that in the first place.
As he moved his foot, he stubbed his toe on something. It was the dragon. His foe saw what he was looking at, and there was no time for him to grab it. Still he lunged down until his hand was a foot away. Just then he swung his fist up, giving the intruder a right uppercut to the jaw. The knife swung recklessly, and David easily dodged it. He made his way over to the fireplace and as he reached down to grab the poker, he realized it was gone.
The intruder had steadied himself, and David was cornered. David had no way of getting out of this one. However, fear didn’t consume him anymore. He believed he would end up in a better place, but was uncertain of it when he thought of his past. He hoped his recent action would redeem him. An action his wife knew nothing about. He attempted one last punch, which was easily brushed aside. Now the knife was poised above him coming in for the kill. Everything seemed to slow down. He looked to each side of the intruder for his wife but did not see her. Hoping she was able to safely escape, he braced himself for the end of his life.
The knife never came. The intruder screamed out in pain; a scream that ran chills down David’s bones. Surprise overtook David with a strong sense of relief. Maybe it wasn’t his time to go after all. He looked up to see what had saved him.  There, standing in back of the intruder stood Allisa, with the same fire poker he was eyeing earlier.
The blow had not been fatal, but the intruder had enough. The poker had gotten him in the back, next to the shoulder bone. Blood was slowly oozing out, as the stranger put his hand over the wound to slow the blood flow. His legs were still working, so he made a dash for the door. Allisa swung the fire poker at him again but missed. David decided he would give chase, hoping the intruder would not get away. The man made it out the back door with David only ten feet behind. David realized in his hasty decision to give chase that he had not grabbed a weapon, yet the intruder still had the knife. David hoped the man’s injuries would work to David’s advantage.
Clouds covered the sky making the sky as dark as could be. The intruder made it into the woods, and as David entered, a heavy branch from a tree flew toward him knocking him in the chest. He fell to the ground with his breath taken away, but he was not about to give up pursuit. This man needed to be dealt with before he could return. David put aside the fear that these woods caused, especially at nighttime.
As David got up, he could hear twigs snapping further into the woods. He quickly moved in that direction, hoping to gain a little. He stopped for a second to listen but couldn’t hear anything. He remembered the penlight Allisa had attached to his key chain and pulled it out; it wasn’t much, but better than the pitch-blackness. He looked around trying to spot his opponent. The woods seemed dead still, as if his opponent was no longer moving. David knew that this couldn’t be the case, and the stranger must be hiding nearby. As he shone the flashlight in a nearby tree. He had only an instant to brace himself, as the figure in black jumped out of the tree with knife poised above his head.
David moved to the side, and the knife missed him only by inches. The man did not hesitate, but immediately took off running. David again gave chase and realized that he had dropped his penlight in all the action. It was not long before the intruder successfully escaped. Allisa and him would have to live in a state of fear until the intruder was caught. David knew these people, and knew that they wouldn’t give up until they got what they wanted. However, David didn’t know any of their real names because they kept that a secret. He hoped Allisa had called the police while he was giving chase.
He ran back inside to find Allisa weeping at the kitchen table. He locked the door behind him and immediately went over and put his arm around her, and attempted to offer any comfort. She was certainly glad to see he had returned safe. Her teardrops fell on his hand, and it really troubled him that his normally happy-go-lucky wife was so distraught.
She informed him that she had notified the police, and that they were on their way. “You know, I feel horrible for hurting that man the way I did,” Allisa said in between sobs.
“You were just protecting us.” David offered.
“Yeah, I know, but you know me, can’t even stand horror films, let alone being a part of it in real life.”
David pulled his wife close for a tight hug hoping to comfort her. He knew he wouldn’t totally succeed, but something was better than nothing. Guilt was overtaking him though, as he began to blame himself for all this. Why was I involved with those people? I’m better than that; I should have stayed away. Now it is back to haunt me and put my wife in danger.
After a few minutes the police arrived and took down a report. An investigator searched the area of the scene and found a few pieces of hair, which appeared to belong to David, but they would still be taking them in for examination. They didn’t find any fingerprints. Unfortunately, it seemed that no blood had gotten on the fire poker nor fell to the floor. It was believed that the intruder had escaped out of the woods by the time the police arrived.
There was a dangerous intruder on the loose, and Allisa and David no longer felt safe in their house. Although the police disagreed, David knew that there was some connection between Lisal’s disappearance and the intruder. However, he was too ashamed to tell the police or Allisa why, so he kept silent.