Conspiracy of Deception: Chapter 12 – Injured

After running full speed for twenty minutes, Kyle decided it was safe to slow to a jog. He had never found himself in a mess like this. He had been careless, for when he had opened the door a broom that leaned against the wall took a fall, creating enough noise for David and his wife to be ready. He should have left right then and there and safely escaped.
The pain in his shoulder was throbbing, but thankfully the blood flow had slowed. He moved his jaw feeling the soreness from the blow. A couple days of rest would be needed for the wounds to mend. He knew that he couldn’t admit himself into a hospital, since the police would be tracking a person with a cut shoulder and damaged jaw.  He always anticipated this, so he had learned to take care of himself if the situation ever arose. Next was to get back to his place to disinfect and patch up the wounds.
He had been thinking about the tasks Clyde had given him. For some reason, things were seeming a little fishy. He wondered what Clyde was up to, and why he needed him to assassinate these people. The lady he had assassinated the day before seemed to be innocent and a threat to no one, but Clyde had ordered her death. It was not his position to ask questions, but this situation left him wondering what was truly going on.