Conspiracy of Deception: Chapter 14 – The Haunting Past

Bill’s cell phone rang, startling him from his thoughts. His cell phone ID read, “No Available Data,” but he knew who it was.
“Bill, this is Clyde, did you follow Nick?” Came the voice from the other side. Bill could tell that the voice was scrambled. He understood why; someone in Clyde’s shoes would keep their true identity discreet.
“Yes, I followed him out to his mother-in-law’s.”
“Did he take the kids?”
“No, he left alone.”
Bill heard Clyde mutter something under his breath in an angry tone.
“Bill, you did what was needed.” Even though Clyde seemed disappointed, Bill doubted if Clyde was upset with him.
“When will I get my money?” Bill asked. He was promised $500 for one day of following and observing Nick. It was an offer he couldn’t refuse. He was not allowed to know who Clyde was, which made it harder to trust him. As a young man in his early 20s, Bill found excitement in the little adventure.
He had always wanted more action in his normally dull life. He was jobless and living with his parents. His one love in life was playing video games. They were an escape to his mundane life. His mom continued to harp on him to get off his lazy ass and get a job. When he left for the day for this assignment, his mom seemed a tad over thrilled he wasn’t sticking around.
“You can pick up your money by going County Rte. 16. When you come to the last light in town, travel another 3.1 miles exactly, and you will find a broken down shed. There is a hidden compartment directly in the center of the floor. Pull up the floorboards until you find one that reveals a trap door. In there you will find a safe. Pull out the safe and use the combination 31-4-16, and you will find 25 twenty-dollar bills.”
“All right, thank you.” Bill said with excitement, as he heard Clyde hang up on the other end. Bill was hoping that the money would really be there, but if it weren’t, he’d let it go. Just the thrill of the day was satisfying enough.
*          *          *
Clyde banged his fist down on his desk in frustration. He was not upset with Bill. He was hoping that Nick would pick his kids up.
Jane knew too much, and she needed to be taken out of the picture. The kids blocked his way. Maybe twenty years ago he would have done something with the kids but not now. In fact, he hated that his past had come back to haunt him. What he had done was years ago; he thought it was history. Yet, the desire to regain that thrill had been overtaking him again, and he was pondering what to do with the kids. Maybe he should take Jane out of the picture and take the kids to the “fun farm.” In his mind was a continual war. It was like being in a cartoon with an angel and a devil on different shoulders whispering in his ear. It appeared that the devil’s voice was getting louder day-by-day, and he desired to go back to his old ways.
If Jane said anything to Nick, he would have to take out Nick also. Then again, Nick would probably have to be taken out anyway, for he was a smart guy and was already proving to be a nuisance. Clyde had it all, at least almost all, earthly riches, friends, a family, and more. The one thing he was lacking was peace.