Conspiracy of Deception: Chapter 15 – The Lipstick and the Knife

Nick found himself before the Assembly of God church. Crows circled the building; in fact, it appeared as if they were flying in a nearly perfect circle.
It was windy, as dark clouds rolled across the sky. He could hear nothing else: no vehicles of any sort. It seemed as if he was in a ghost town. He ran up to the door for shelter, but when he entered, he didn’t see the inside of the church. A long hallway stood before him. He moved slowly forward. There were many doors on each side. The first door on the left said 20A, and the door across from it said 20B. He felt compelled to move on, even though he was growing more and more afraid. One door in particular grabbed his attention. It was 27A. He didn’t know why he felt drawn to it.
He began to move toward it, and the eeriness grew. There was something behind the door that he must find. As he was facing the door, about ready to open it, there came a strange noise to his left. Seeming to appear from thin air, stood a hideous creature that Nick had never seen before. It stood about seven feet tall and was a slimy greenish-gray color. Its eyes penetrated through Nick with a red glow. Nick felt like the creature towered over him, even though he was about twenty feet away.
Nick turned around to run, only to find a similar creature appear on his other side. He was trapped, and they were closing in. Thinking quickly, he entered room 27A.
*          *          *
Nick awoke out of his sleep. It was eight in the morning, and his stomach ached from a hang over. He realized he passed out on the couch. The night before was fuzzy in his memory. Did he really see Lisal, or was it his imagination? He searched the house frantically, hoping to find some trace of her.
He didn’t find anything until he entered the bathroom. Across the large mirror above the sink was a giant heart drawn with blood red lipstick. Inside the heart it read: “Nick come be with me forever my love.” There was an arrow through the heart. Nick looked down to where the arrow pointed. Sitting on the sink counter, where it shouldn’t be, was a large butcher knife.