Conspiracy of Deception: Chapter 18 – The Mysterious Stranger

Nick had so many mixed emotions that he didn’t know what to feel. He felt that Doug could still be wrong, so there was some uncertainty there. Even though he was glad they were making some headway, he was losing hope on Lisal being alive.  The fact that children had disappeared from the daycare was also troubling. Nick thought his wife might end up with the same fate, whatever that might be. He knew he would not be able to bear never knowing what had happened to her.
Doug contacted the police and told them what he had found. They were going to question Deacon Boomhower, Pastor James, and other church members. After getting off the phone, Doug reassured Nick that he would continue to investigate. Nick thanked him and left. It was almost noon, and the rain had picked up pace. People dashed from their cars to their porches to avoid getting drenched. Nick quickly ran to his car and hopped in. On the side of the road a few houses down. there was a vehicle parked. Normally, Nick would not pay attention to such things, but since the day the Buick followed him, he became more alert. This vehicle was a Dodge Dynasty with an ugly blue color to it.
Nick could see an outline of a man in the driver’s seat but couldn’t tell who it was. As he approached, the driver of the Dynasty suddenly did a quick U-turn and pulled in front of Nick. Nick slammed on the brakes, missing the Dynasty by inches.
A man with a cowboy hat hopped out. His sunglasses appeared awkward in the pouring rain. Nick watched the man’s hands, waiting for a gun to appear, but none came. Instead, the man quickly approached Nick. There was no threat in the man’s gestures, just a sense of urgency.
Nick decided to take the risk and roll down the window.
“I know those who took your wife!” The strange man said looking around as if paranoid. “They have eyes everywhere.” As if to respond to what the man had said, a car came squealing around the corner heading straight for them.