Conspiracy of Deception: Chapter 4 – Captured

A mixture of fear and surprise ran through Lisal’s mind. Once she recovered she exclaimed, “You scared the living tar out of me!” She knew by her reaction, and by the sound of her voice, that it appeared obvious she was doing something she wasn’t supposed to. She was not a natural at pretending she was innocent. When she was thirteen, her friends talked her into shoplifting a candy bar. However, the store clerk was able to pick up on the fact that she was lying, and she had to confess the truth. Ever since that day, she did her best to not put herself in situations where she would have to lie. She had failed at this a few times.  Once was when she had an affair on Nick, and was so regretful that she almost immediately confessed the truth.
Deacon Boomhower, however, didn’t seem surprised to see her there. In fact, it seemed almost as if he came there just to see her. But why? Did he pick up on her suspicion and want to confront her? She didn’t know she had made herself that obvious. An angry look came across his face, as he glanced at the open folder on the desk.
“It looks like you have been sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong.” He burst out in a firm tone, which momentarily jarred her thoughts.
Lisal knew she was caught. “Well, I…I feel like you have been acting strange lately.” She fearfully stated. Suddenly she gained some boldness that even surprised her. “I see you’re involved with the Enlightened Dawn. I haven’t heard much good about them. Then there is this newspaper article!” She held up the article where he was accused of 2nd degree rape.
Boomhower looked taken aback for a second, but then an even fiercer look came over his face. “I am with the Enlightened Dawn, and what goes on with me is none of your business. Now put my folder back and finish the bulletin,” he said in such a firm tone that Lisal decided she wasn’t going to pry any further. This man was obviously not in the mood to reason; she would just have to talk to Pastor James. He would listen, or at least that’s what she thought. By the deacon’s actions, Lisal knew her intuition had been right about the man hiding something. Yes, the Second Degree Rape happened in the past, and if he was an honest and upright man, he wouldn’t need to act guarded over something that happened years ago. Perhaps it was his involvement in the Enlightened Dawn. It seemed like there was something strangely secretive about the organization. Lisal could feel it in her gut, but there was nothing she could do without evidence. She felt her stomach churn from disgust when thinking about it, yet didn’t know why.
Lisal was almost relieved to turn away from the deacon’s icy glare. She never liked confrontation, and this was one of the worst men to be confronting. He was known to belittle most of the women in the church. In fact, he seemed to have disrespect for all the women Lisal had seen him talk to. It was one of those things that continued to bother her about certain men in her church. The Bible states that the man is supposed to be the head of the household, and many people took this to the extreme. Sometimes when Lisal thought about it, she was glad she was with Nick who believed men and women were equals. It seemed that her husband treated her more fairly than many of the men in her church treated their wives. Nick’s Pagan beliefs were sometimes tempting, but the fear of hell drove her to continue with her current faith. She could not let Nick know this though; it would show her as weak, and make it more difficult to win him over to her belief system.
As she put the folder away, she heard him step closer. Geez, is he going to watch me all night? She thought to herself feeling irritated and nervous at the same time. She wouldn’t be able to concentrate if he was watching over her. She reached out her hand to put the folder away, hoping he would leave.
However, she never had a chance to put it away. His rough hand grabbed her, and a cloth that reeked of chloroform was put over her nose and mouth. Instinctively she held her breath and stomped her heel on the Deacon’s in-step. She felt his grip loosen, but he was strong and she couldn’t break free. She could feel the world spin, as her body longed for oxygen. Her heartbeat raced faster, speeding up her blood flow. She kicked in back of her and flailed her arms, doing all she could do to break free. After what seemed like eternity, she realized she could no longer fight. She breathed in the sweet smelling chloroform and darkness slowly covered her eyes, as she wondered if she would ever awaken.