Conspiracy of Deception: Chapter 7 – In For the Kill

Adrenaline pumped through Kyle’s veins, knowing it was time to kill again. Clyde had finally called with his instructions. Although he had never met Clyde, he was getting paid well, and always enjoyed the thrill of another kill. It was not unusual for his clients to keep their identity secret, and Kyle certainly understood why.
Clyde had been giving him instructions for a couple of weeks now. After assassinating twenty-four victims, most of which were prior to working for Clyde, he would soon be at a quarter of a hundred. He planned on hitting a hundred and then retiring in wealth.
He sat in the room of his apartment. It was an inexpensive place that he chose since he was trying to lay low. He kept it neat and comfortable. As much as he tried to arrange the furniture, it was impossible to hide the warps in the floor. When he was younger, his friends knew him as a perfectionist. While many found it to be an annoying trait, it was a necessity working as an assassin. Any slip could blow his cover.
Kyle had been confident in the work he did, and had never been close to getting caught. He had even hunted down a police officer and detective. In fact, that was one of the strangest situations he had been involved in. Apparently the officer and detective were sent to make an arrest on a woman for credit card fraud. When they went to arrest her, the officer handcuffed her, pulled down her pants, and they both proceeded to repeatedly raped her.
At this point the husband entered the room and seeing what was happening, he rushed in, but the officer pulled up his gun and shot him in the leg. After this they took the woman, put her in their car, and took her to jail.
Apparently, the husband tried to report the incident, but he couldn’t get anybody to believe his story. In fact, he was arrested for attempting to assault the officer and detective. It was him who had contacted Kyle and gave him his task. This was a mission Kyle enjoyed. While he didn’t mind putting people to death quickly, he despised anything to do with rape and sexual assault.  He had a good reason for this.
At the age of eighteen, he had just graduated with his high school sweet heart of three years, Linda. They both had picked out a college to attend since both wanted to become physical therapists or self-defense instructors. They had not made a definite choice in the matter, but the school they had in mind offered both. He loved Linda like no other. Her shoulder length light blonde hair and her eyes, blue as the skies on a clear day, drew him like a bug to a flame. Even at her six-foot height he towered her.
One cool summer night, they decided to go on a romantic walk to view the starry night. In this very town that he was in now; there was a park they decided to visit. The aroma of flowers floated in the air, as he gazed into Linda’s sparkling eyes. Suddenly, he felt a thud on the back of his head, and at the same time, a cloth was put over Linda’s nose and mouth. Rage flew threw Kyle, as he tried to ignore the pain and fight back. Two men quickly grabbed his arms. This didn’t stop him; with a swinging kick, he took the legs out from beneath the man on his right side.  With his right arm freed, he swung at the other man cracking his jaw.
A third man from about ten feet away, threw a rock the size of a softball, which nailed Kyle directly in the forehead. He staggered, as he tried to remain conscious. He could not see what was going on with Linda, but it sounded like sexual assault. He knew he needed to protect her.
He felt relieved when he saw a policeman approaching who might be able to help. As he approached the officer, the officer suddenly pulled out his nightstick and nailed him in the head. Blackness took him, and the last thing he remembered was watching the police officer turn and go in the same direction the attackers were going in.
He awoke to find he was in the same park. His opponents were gone and so was Linda. With a splitting headache, he headed toward the police station, even though he wasn’t sure whom to trust. He gave them a report, but he was too dizzy at the time to give a description of the police officer. They sent out a search; no trace of Linda was ever found dead or alive.
From that day forth, he vowed revenge on Linda’s captors. He did remember seeing six or seven of them. Anger boiled in his blood, and he did not go off to college as planned. Instead, he increased the intensity of his workouts and mastered several martial arts. He worked with guns, knives, staffs, and other weapons.
By the age of twenty-five, he became an intimidating figure. He was a fright to look at, and most people avoided him out of fear. Not only his enormous size, but the anger he held in his eyes told people to not cross him. Soon after that was when his assassin career began. Since Linda’s disappearance, he had been building up connections to begin his work. Currently, at the age of twenty-nine, he was known by the underground as one of the best assassins alive. He was known as Four-armed Blade due to the fact that he was so quick with the blade, it was like fighting four men at once.
Now he was working for Clyde; a strange man indeed. Clyde seemed like the kind of guy that had several skeletons in his closet. Kyle didn’t ask questions though, he did as he was told When the mission was complete, he would take his money and go elsewhere. Business was business and that’s how he would like to keep it.
The next one on the hit list was a lady named Mandy.  Clyde must have hired someone to kidnap her. Kyle was not a professional kidnapper but an assassin. He was glad that someone else had done the kidnapping for him. Most of Kyle’s work did not involve kidnapping, however, he was usually ordered to study out his victim and to go in for the kill when the time was right. Clyde seemed to like to make it easy for him. He went through the doorway as instructed and down an oversized cement stairway. Clyde had given Kyle a little job to do before taking care of Mandy.  He entered a dank hallway and flicked on the light. The hallway was completely concrete, and the light reflected off the walls from the dampness.
There were several doorways on either side, but Kyle was given only one key; the room marked 27A. It was quite a distance down the hall. He knew about several passageways that lay beneath the town, so he was familiar with being in places like this. Most people would be chilled to the bone in such a hallway. It felt like an old warehouse with the flickering lights and echoing silence.
In fact, he liked exploring places like this. It must have been a lot of work to build these places, and he was especially impressed with the intricate passageways in this town. If he had to run from the cops, he knew he could easily elude them down here.
While getting this assignment taken care of, he thought back to his next victim Mandy. This time, it felt like he was almost doing the victim a favor. He studied her life a little and couldn’t believe what was done to her. Not even Kyle had the heart to do that to people. When he did his killing, it was quick and as painless as possible. While Kyle liked the thrill of the chase and the money that was given to him, he could not stomach watching someone suffer or be tortured. He hoped Clyde had no part of this woman’s sorrow. Maybe he just wanted to end her misery and that was why he hired Kyle.
He arrived at 27A and pulled out his key. He took a deep breath knowing this would be one of his easiest tasks ever, but it still had to be done. As soon as he put his hand on the knob, an electric current ran through his nerves. Blackness quickly covered his eyes.