Conspiracy of Deception: Chapter 8 – The First Dream

After being shaken by the scare, Nick phoned the police station to make sure they would be on the lookout. It had now been twenty-four hours. The secretary put Nick through to an officer. He assured Nick that they would start investigating the matter. However, the man Nick had spoken to, did nothing to boost his confidence. In fact, Nick could hear the doubt in the officer’s voice.
Before going to bed, Nick phoned his mother-in-law to ask if she could watch the kids another night and caught her up on what was going on. By then, her tone of irritation turned to a voice of concern. Nick knew that her only daughter was missing, and it must have been ripping her apart inside. Despite Nick and Jane’s differences, Nick knew that Lisal and her mother were very close. Lisal basically grew up with her mother being the only consistent figure throughout childhood.
Lisal’s father had passed away when she was young. Another thing Nick and Lisal had in common, but Lisal was much younger.
Men went in and out of Jane’s life like a jack in a jack-in-the-box newly received by a child. Many of them were abusive and wanted nothing to do with Lisal.
Jane’s second husband was a short-tempered control freak, from what Lisal had explained. Very rarely did a day go by where he didn’t throw an object out of anger. One day he threw a wine glass at the wall. He was arguing with Jane because she didn’t get his work clothes clean on time. Not seeing Lisal in the same room, he threw a wine glass across the room at the wall. A shard of glass flung to where Lisal was and lodged itself into her upper arm. She was OK, but Jane had enough, and had the man arrested.
After that, Jane drifted from man to man but avoided ever getting attached. She was afraid of getting hurt again. Fortunately, she always remained very caring toward Lisal.
*          *          *
Nick found himself in a field but didn’t know where. He knew he had been here before. It was dark, and a fog blurred his surroundings. The trees hung eerily over him; casting shadows from the pale moon. The night was silent accept for the gentle wind rustling the leaves in the nearby trees. Nick could see building lights on the outskirts of the field but was too far away to recognize the buildings. Had the eeriness not been there, it may have been a much more peaceful night.
Suddenly, he spotted Lisal walking quickly through the field. Strangely, Lisal wasn’t dressed in her normal clothes. In fact, it appeared that she was wearing something more like Jane would wear. He began to race toward her, and when he was in earshot, he hollered her name. She didn’t turn to look but kept going.
However, after a few seconds, Lisal looked at Nick, but she seemed to see right through him. She seemed very afraid. Nick longed to hold her and reassure her, but knew she couldn’t see him. He noticed something different about Lisal’s face, even with the distance. She didn’t carry the happy glow she naturally had.  Instead, her face appeared sad, as if she had been through some tough times. Nick felt a sorrow for her that he had never felt.
He continued to close in the gap when a man appeared right behind Lisal, grabbed her, and picked her up off the ground. Nick was unable to get a good look at the man since he was dressed in black, and the night shadows covered his face. He felt a protective rage overwhelm him, as he wanted to defend his wife.
Nick ran quicker, but as he approached, his foot snagged a hold of a tree root. He fell and hit his head with a loud buzzing sound rang in his ear. The images around him began to fade, as the buzzing noise pulled him to consciousness.
He jumped up, shut the alarm off, and laid back down in the bed. What a nightmare, he said to himself. He closed his eyes again because of the migraine headache he now had.
After a few minutes, he went to wipe the sweat off of his forehead with a tissue. After wiping, he stared in wonder at the tissue stained with blood.