Joyous Melancholy Poem

By a lone tree on a hill,
I gaze at the serenity before me;
Finding the truth of this imagined place.
The sun sets between infinite peaks
Slicing through the polychromatic skies.
I see the beauty of challenges to face;
One ends, another begins.
A lake before the mountains
Diffracts the tranquil light
As it shines thought the leafs
Of the small forest.
The tree tops gently blow in the breeze.
Through the forest and the lake
A rivelit of oneness flows.
This oneness divides itself
On each of my sides;
Representing my divided unity.
Barns and silos stored with the past
Lie behind me sending shivers of joyous melancholy.
I refocus on the dangerous beauty
Taking the unsafe road to destiny.