Tales of Zalonia – The First Age: Part 5

there a way to stop it?”

“My lady, I promise I will stay in this city and help figure out what is going on. There must be a reason for this. I was a Knight of the White Rose and I have sworn an allegiance to protect those who are in harm’s way. Can you direct me to the village magician?”

“I can,” Arlina answered, “But I must warn you, he doesn’t take too kindly to strangers asking questions. He has always been a suspicious man.”

“Well, send me his way. I need to see if I can figure anything out. Thank you for all the information you have given me.” Arlina gave Agonis directions to the wizard’s home. He hoped that he could find some answers there.

Isgorn and Lande follow him out the door, as he immediately headed in the direction of the wizard’s home. It was a small village, so it didn’t take him long to find where the wizard lived. Unlike the doctor, the wizard appeared to live in an average sized one-story house. The outside was full of broken tree limbs that crowded the path do the door. It was not a welcoming home. Agonis and his servants stepped over the sticks that were in the path and made their way to the door.

Agonis knocked and within seconds, the wooden eyehole in the door opened. “Who is it?” came a harsh voice.

“I am sorry to trouble you at this time, but I’m a Knight of the White Rose named Agonis and have come to ask questions about the plague,” Agonis replied, not knowing what to expect.

“You say a Knight of the White Rose? We don’t need you here.”

Agonis remembered that there was often conflict between the knighthood and magic users. He had to think a moment for responding. “I’m not here to trouble you wizard. I just came to gather some information on what is going on in this village.”

“Do you take me for a fool. The Knights of the White Rose arrest every wizard and witch they find in Tarvon!”

This was certainly true, and it was going to make it much more difficult for Agonis to get through to this wizard. The mistrust was something that started in Tarvon when dark magic users started to cause problems. The Knights of the city decided it would be best to arrest all the magic users in the city and try to ban magic. Agonis thought this was a bad choice made by the knights because it would create more enemies than they already had. “I’m not here to arrest you. I’m the only knight in town and I have come to help. Unless you want to see this village suffer more than it already has, let me in so I can talk to you and get information.

The small wooden door closed hard. After a moment, the wizard opened the door. He appeared to be a younger wizard of maybe thirty years old. His long dark brown hair was scattered all over the place unkept. He was short of stature and his beard reached the middle of his belly. He was dressed in tattered rags that were torn in places. He reminded Agonis of what a homeless man typically looked like back in his home village. “Come in,” he said in a crude voice.

His house was unkept and there was dust everywhere. On some of the counters there appeared to be potions of some sort for magical use. Agonis decided he would stand rather than sit, especially since he felt unwelcomed.

The wizard was the first to speak, “I supposed you think I know something about the plague that has hit this village,” he muttered. “Well, all I can tell you is that it is magic of some sort… magic that is beyond my ability to perform.”

Agonis wasn’t surprised by the wizard’s answer, as it would have to be some form of powerful magic that was causing the plague. Since a human could only perform so much magic at once, this was beyond the ability of a human wizard or witch. “What do you think can perform this kind of magic?”

“There are many things that could be causing this kind of magic. There are dragons, gods, griffins, phoenixes, and many other powerful beasts that could be causing this problem.”

Agonis was aware of these creatures, “Any idea which it could be?”

The wizard sighed. “I have been trying to figure that out myself. Usually those type of creatures have no fear of showing themselves so I’m guessing it is something else that isn’t part of this world or that exists in another dimension.”

“Another dimension?”

“Yeah, you know, like the spiritual world. The spiritual dimension is different from ours even though sometimes the two combine.”

“So, you think the problem is spiritual?”

“I’m not saying that,” the wizard rushed out. “There are other dimensional planes out there that can interact with ours.”

Agonis didn’t know anything about other dimensions and how they worked. “What can exist in other dimensions?”

“There are all sorts of things from the books I have read. Even things from other planes of existence can visit us and we wouldn’t even know they are there?”

“Can these things see us?”

“I believe that some can. They can watch us but remain invisible to our eyes. There are certain spells that can be cast that will reveal beings from other dimensions, but these spells aren’t guaranteed to work.”

Agonis was curious, “Can you cast any of these spells?”

“I can actually. I chose the path of knowledge seeking for my magic and I can sometimes use these spells to see into the other worlds.”

“Have you used these spells to search for the cause of the current problems in this town?”

“Of course! What are you thinking? That I’m some kind of non-caring wizard who doesn’t seek to help the people of the village?”

Agonis chose his words carefully, “I meant no disrespect. I just seek information. So, you haven’t been able to find any clue as to what has been causing the problems?”

“Nothing! Now if you’ll be on your way, I must get to work and keep using my magic to figure out this problem. I think I have given you all the information I can offer.”

“Thank you, sir, for your help. I will try to help the village myself. If there is anything you need me for I will be at the Inn.” Agonis stood up and his two servants followed him out of the wizard’s home.