Tales of Zalonia: The Lost Scrolls of Edlan

During the fifth age, in the city of Ruinoneo, there came a scribe whose name was Edlan. His journey was long and treacherous, but he had made it to the empty city of Ruinoneo. The city was known among the inhabitants of Zalonia for the strange symbols that were written all over the buildings. Interpreters had come from afar to interpret these writings and left discouraged. They had to enter the city under a magic spell in order to survive and would have to leave before the spell wore off.

Edlan was a different kind of scribe, for he went to the land of Magdad, the land of the wizards, in order to be trained in the gift of the third eye. The gift of the third eye caused him to be able to translate any language in the world. He paid a great price for this gift and lost his speech and hearing. All those who were trained in magic, surrendered their physical bodies to the working of magic which would curse those who desired magic.

Unlike most living beings on the continent of Zalonia, Edlan was immune to the magic of Ruinoneo. He was a descendant of one of the “lost.” The lost were people who came to Zalonia and were immune to the magic of Ruinoneo. They were often frightened people from what he had heard and would suddenly appear upon the land as if they came from nowhere. Their descendants also had immunity to Ruinoneo down to the fifth generation.

He read and wrote down what he interpreted in the writings on the buildings in Ruinoneo. However, with time, the scrolls he had written became lost. Time passed, and soon they were long buried. It wasn’t until the sixth age that the scrolls were discovered by a lonely woman who dug for treasure where the very scrolls had been buried. Some say that the scrolls wanted to be found and that is what drove her to dig in that very place.

After she found the scrolls, men and women hunted her down and stole the scrolls. However, the scrolls contained magic within them and would not remain in one place. Pages of these scrolls were scattered throughout the land to never return to the same place.

Scroll 1

Scroll 2