Tales of Zalonia: The Second Age – Part 1

During the Second Age, in the land of Zalonia, there was a small village named Lamax. The village was relatively small with no more than three hundred inhabitants.  It was one of the few places left on Zalonia that was free from King Etan’s tyranny.

On the outside of the city there were stationed protectors and protectresses. Two of the protectresses were friends. The first one, Marcia, had grown up in the city and was a true protectress at heart. She often found herself protecting the village from trolls, dragons, and other creatures that tried to attack.   The other protectress named, Lucinda, was not a true protectress. She came from a village not too far away called Eleheim. She was a spy for the village and was instructed to spy on the village of Lamax in order to find a way for the other village to lead in an army and take the village by force.

“We haven’t been attacked for a while,” Marcia said to Lucinda.

Lucinda looked out across the lands from the wall that they were standing on. “It seems that trolls and dragons no longer want to attack the village. Perhaps we don’t need so many protectors.

“Don’t be silly! The time may come when we are attacked again, and we need to be ready.” Marcia responded not noticing Lucinda’s sigh.

“Well, to be honest with you, I talked with Sam and he said he would lower the number of protectors since he has other tasks he needs them for.” Sam was a member of the town council and was known as a leader in the village.

“I guess if Sam says so, then it is a good idea. I do trust the guy.” Marcia always felt safe having Sam as a leader. He was an expert in war tactics and battle plans. He was a member of the Knights of the White Rose, a knighthood that stood guard in Zalonia until King Etan’s rule all but disbanded the knights.

A few days went by, and Sam had lowered the village from nine protectors and protectresses to six. Night came along, and Marcia was on duty. She was a little upset that Lucinda wasn’t with her since she was used to her being there.

Suddenly a scream pierced the air, and Marcia ran in the direction it came from. When she arrived, she noticed that one of the other protectors was stabbed in the chest. She searched the area for the offender but didn’t find anyone. She sought out some members of the town council to help her figure out what had happened. However, there were no clues to track down the murderer.

Marcia quickly found Sam who was examining the dead body more closely.

“What do you think happened?” Marcia asked gazing down at the dead body.

Sam turned around and looked up at her, “It appears she was killed by a dagger, perhaps the killer is a woman.” It wasn’t a sexist comment, as the women in village generally carried daggers for protection.

“Any suspects?”

“I really have no clue. I would get it if it would have come from an outsider, but you nor the other guards saw anyone enter the city.”

Marcia had a sudden thought, “Who is guarding the city now? All the guards are here.”

“There appears to be no one. We probably should fix that fast. Why don’t you….”

He was interrupted by a sudden onslaught of arrows coming over the wall. The arrows pierced several people who were out; however, they were nowhere near where Sam and Marcia stood.

A guard rushed toward Sam, “We are under attack! What shall we do?”

“Pull back and ready your weapons! We need to defend our village!”

Just then, Lucinda came out of her home, “What is going on? I heard screams and people yelling.”

Marcia ran over to her. “A guard was killed, and now we are under attack. We need to prepare to fight.”

Marcia and Lucinda quickly grabbed their weapons as more arrows came flying over the wall. The village’s numbers were quickly diminishing from the attack.

Marcia looked over toward one of the homes in the village and thought she saw a mysterious figure in black.